Getting to Mars from Venus


We laugh about the differences between the genders, but not without frustration and the wish to know; “How can I make him understand?” This interactive seminar will be an opportunity for discussion and learning about how men and women think differently, deal with feelings, and communicate in very different ways. Understanding and having some tools can help you close the gap and improve communication and relationships.


Tips for relating to the men in your life

•  Understand and appreciate differences in communication

•  He’s not your “home improvement project”

•  Don’t give unsolicited advice

•  Don’t take things personally

•  Be clear and direct about what you want and need

•  Ask for help when you’re looking to solve a problem

•  Don’t overwhelm with emotional processing

•  Know how to bring up difficult issues

•  Check to make sure that you’re on the same page

•  Don’t make assumptions

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