Couples Retirement Puzzle

Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to retirement or are you reading different books? This simple assessment will help you get a quick glimpse into how you each view your communication around some important topics.



Do the assessment separately and then share results.


Put a T after the statements you believe are True. Notice the areas that you may need to be talking more about.



1. My partner and I make important decisions together.

2. We agree on how to manage our finances and resources.

3. We have planned our timetable for retirement.

4. Conversations have included our hopes and dreams for the future.

5. We spend time together doing things we both enjoy.

6. We agree that we need to have time together as well as time apart.

7. We have planned for our future medical and health care needs.

8. Intimacy and affection are an important part of our relationship.

9. We agree on obligations and responsibilities to family.

10. Social and community connections are a satisfying part of our lives.

11. We have a shared vision for the next chapter of our lives.


Where do you fall on the scale below? How many T’s do you have in common? Remember, this is meant to be a helpful indicator for opening up communication. No blaming or shaming allowed!

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