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Based on The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating an Amazing New Life Together


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The Changing Face of Retirement

*Seminar for financial professionals who want to offer clients a holistic approach and resources for retirement transition.


Financial planning is an essential part of the retirement puzzle. It used to be enough. But, today, with people living and working longer, a more holistic approach is needed to most effectively help your clients prepare for retirement.

Do you know:


 •  What helps couples successfully transition to retirement?

 •  How your clients make decisions?

 •  What issues are most important to each partner?

 •  If there are complex family issues that need to be addressed?

 •  How to help your clients get on the same page?


These and other questions are integral parts of holistic retirement planning and the changing face of retirement today.


Signature seminar for couples designed to meet the needs of your organization and clients.  * Can also be done in workshop format


The Retirement Puzzle: Conversations for a Successful Transition


This interactive seminar will focus on the importance of communication in successfully navigating retirement transition.


Topics will include:

 •  The changing face of retirement and what it means for couples

 •  Challenges and opportunities in navigating retirement transition

 •  What couples need to be talking about as they prepare for retirement

 •  How to effectively communicate and make decisions together

 •  How to create a shared vision for “what’s next”

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